Sunday, 22 August 2010

Varietes of Coffee in Indonesia by Origin

Subspecies, varieties of coffee refers to coffee. Coffee beans from two different places usually have different characters, both from the smell (from citrus scent to smell the soil), caffeine content, flavor and acidity. These characteristics depending on where they grew coffee plants, production processes and differences in genetic subspecies of coffee.

Java coffee
is a coffee produced on the island of Java. In the United States, the term "Java" by itself is slang for coffee in general. The Indonesian phrase Kopi Jawa refers not only to the origin of the coffee, but is used to distinguish the strong, black, very sweet coffee, with powdered grains in the drink, from other forms of the drink.

Sumatra Coffee
Mandheling and Sumatra Lintong - named by Batak Mandheling Mandailing in northern Sumatra in Indonesia. Lintong coffee place is called by name Lintong in northern Sumatra. While the coffee comes from the Gayo Gayo Highlands - is a Native Gayo in Aceh - which includes Central Aceh Regency and Bener Meriah. Gayo coffee touted as the best organic coffee in the world.

Sulawesi Coffee
Toraja Kalossi - Grown in the high mountain areas in Sulawesi. Kalossi is a small town in Sulawesi, which is a collection of coffee from the surrounding area. Toraja in Sulawesi is a mountainous region where coffee is grown. Celebes exhibits a rich, well-balanced acidity (slightly more than Sumatra) and has a multi-dimensional characteristics. The color is dark brown. Excellent coffee for darker roasting. Because the production process, this coffee can dry out irregularly. However irregularly shaped seeds can enrich it.

Bali Coffee
In recent times, with Robusta prices falling, Arabica has been planted in several areas of the Bali Island. Some of these plantings are in commercial plantations, however the bulk are beans grown by small-holders in a number of villages saddling the volcanic peaks.

[[Coffee Luwak]
one of Arabica coffee varieties that have been eaten by a mongoose then collected and processed. Flavor and aroma of coffee is distinctive and become the world's most expensive coffee,for something like $600 per kilo. The luwak, an animal native to Indonesia resembling a cute cat, eats the ripe fruit of coffee trees (each piece contains two coffee beans side by side). When the luwak excretes the still intact beans, they are removed and roasted and ground into powder like any other coffee. Hard-core aficionados say the flavor is intense and defend the roasting process, noting that the beans in any case are roasted and what can happen to them in the luwak's stomach? Shenhav describes the taste and quality of luwak coffee as creating sparks and justifying the high price.


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